Welcome to IEEE Cluster 2014. The conference will be held 22-26 September 2014 at the School of Industrial Engineering, UPM.


Clusters have become the workhorse for computational science and engineering research, powering innovation and discovery that advance science and society. They are the base for building today’s rapidly evolving cloud and HPC infrastructures, and are used to solve some of the most complex problems.


Cluster 2014 welcomes paper submissions on innovative work from researchers and practitioners in academia, government, and industry that describe original research and development efforts in cluster computing. 


Major topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • System Design, Configuration and Administration
  • System Software, Middleware, Tools
  • Storage and File Systems
  • Algorithms, Applications and Performance
2014 Highlight: Cluster Support for Big Data. The evolution of cluster technologies is expected to substantially impact emerging research areas, such as the increasingly important Data Science field. Therefore, we have chosen this year to highlight  research topics in all areas expected to bring substantial progress in the way clusters can help in addressing Big Data challenges. Specific topics are dedicated to this direction within all conference tracks alongside more traditional topics. In addition, special tutorials and workshops will focus on cluster technologies for Big Data storage and processing.


New this year: Student Mentoring Track. Today’s Master and PhD students are our future colleagues. The future development of cluster, grid and cloud computing falls on their shoulders. The Cluster conference is proud to contribute to their education through a specific mentoring program all along the week.
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